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Tosha Moody - Lawrenceville, Georgia

This is my first home purchase and I began my home buying journey with a realtor that was referred to me by someone. As I was new to the experience I really didn't know what to expect from a realtor but I quickly learned what I didn't like about the one I had. I was doing all the work! I immediately fired her and after asking around was referred to Yakira. With very little expectation I reluctantly gave her a call. My first meeting with her was the complete opposite of what I experienced with the previous realtor. Yakira knows her stuff.' she was attentive to my needs, made great suggestions, and did her research. The thing I loved about her was the fact that she didn't waste my time and she was upfront and honest when I had unrealistic expectations. The homes we looked at were based on the expectations I set with her and when something just wasn't possible she let me know as opposed to beating around the bush to spare my feelings. I was able to accomplish more with her in a week than I did after a month with the other young lady. I am happy to say that I am a proud homeowner and I thank Yakira for leading the way!

Constance Roberson - Smyrna, Georgia

Working with Yakira was a dream come true from the moment she promptly returned my phone call. She made the process of me selling and buying my home so easy! They say buying a home can be one of the most stressful times in your life well imagine selling and buying with both closings being within a weeks of each other. Working with Yakira was like have your best friend as your realtor. What I mean by that is that I could trust her with every step of the process. I have a hectic schedule and work out of town but that didn't phase Yakira. She stepped in and coordinated events around a my schedule. She even helped in ways that I never thought a realtor would by overseeing my movers packed and moved my entire home! I know this seems wordy but I am truly grateful for everything that Yakira did for me as well as making me stop and think about a horrible of wanting to purchase a home that she knew I would hate. She told me to sleep on it and call her back in the morning' whew! Boy am I thankful! I love my new home and it's all because I had the best realtor for me!

Alexandra Butler - Mableton, Georgia

The whole "Home buying experience" started out so overwhelming to my husband and L we used Yakira's services and her level of expertise and knowledge of home buying eased all fears we previously had. She was confident, consistent, persistent, professional, and freakin' awesome! She found us out beautifully perfect John Wieland town home that we couldn't be more pleased with. I support her business and send everyone to her and guarantee they will not find anyone better than her, so far everyone has been thoroughly impressed. Look no further, Yakira is the best out there.

Nakeya & Riley- Bennet - Mableton, Georgia

Yakira was always patient with me and didn't stop until she understood exactly what I was looking for. My emails and texts were always answered promptly. She sent me daily alerts so that I had a first-hand view of all my homes in my areas of interest and price range. She acted and communicated with landlords and other Realtors on my behalf quickly and with pristine industry knowledge and always had my best interest at heart. No matter how many clients she was working with at a given time, I felt I was her only one due to the attention and care she provided.

Pakisha Reynolds - Stockbridge, Georgia

Yakira was very knowledgeable and helpful during our home buying process. She assisted in the communication with the home builder on our behalf due to building delays and just the building process as a whole. She was available and answered any questions we had at any moment of the day or night. Yakira is people friendly and very relatable. If you want a no-nonsense and professional realtor, then Yakira is the realtor for you.

RaShawn & Lisa Collins - Dacula, Georgia

Yakira came on board to help us sell our home and move us into another home all in less than a month. When I first met with her, I immediately felt that my family and I were going to be in good hands. She handled everything with professionalism and took the time to reassure my family and 1 that she would be there with us every step of the way and she did just that! We appreciate her so much and from the bottom of our hearts!

Anthony J Rolls - Atlanta, Georgia

It was has been a pleasure to work with such a knowledgeable real estate agent who has been able to locate some of the best locations for my price range. The response to emails and phone calls are so prompt and even filled with the details I need before I can even list them all to her. I would definitely recommend Ms. Maynard to anyone who is serious about renting a home. Thanks again for all your help.

Dasic Thames - Decatur, Georgia

While working together, Yakira eventually got to know me so well that she knew exactly which listing to send my way. She was there the entire time throughout my home buying process and gave me a lot of great advice during the process. Should I ever decide to move or have friends/ family who need a realtor, she is my first and only choice. Not only do I have a realtor but a friend for life!


I am so grateful for Yakira's patience with me. I was not the easiest client to please or find a home. Sorry! Yet, she did not give up me. Certain things that I could not or did not want to except like a bidding war, required financing process and closing. She kept explaining and encouraging me until we got the key! Again, I cannot thank her enough!

Shawn Broussard - Atlanta, Georgia

Ms. Maynard has offered outstanding service. She goes above and beyond to assist me in anything that I ask her. It is wonderful to work with someone who is responsive and genuinely cares about what is best for me. I highly recommend her if you are seeking an agent who will work toward fulfilling your needs in a professional and courteous manner.

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