Yakira Prise

Yakira Prise

Yakira Prise is the epitome of the Modern Renaissance Woman. With a never-ending laundry list of business endeavors, social activities, skills, hobbies, passions, and accolades under her belt, it is no wonder why those within her circle refer to this St. Louis native as the chronic multi-tasker who operates with a self-described “ball of energy.”

The bridge that binds all of her many endeavors and interests together is a vivid curiosity and a can-do attitude that trumps naysayer's negativity. Her first love has always been providing that helping hand which in turn has provided her success in the many service-based entities in which she operates. “My goal in life is to be all I can be, to inspire, and to enhance,” Prise said. “I just work hard to use all the time God has given me as wisely as possible.”

She is undoubtedly devoted to helping others stay organized, and, maintain a better quality of life. Her background and varied experiences of over 12 years in the marketing, real estate, business consulting, and lifestyle management industries make her the woman to go to when clients want back their time, space, and quality of life.

Call or email Yakira today. She is always readily available to tackle her next project! Once you have spoken with her, please excuse her excitement.

Yakira was always patient with me and didn't stop until she understood exactly what I was looking for. My emails and texts were always answered promptly.
Nakeya & Riley- Bennet - Mableton, Georgia
Working with Yakira was a dream come true from the moment she promptly returned my phone call. She made the process of me selling and buying my home so easy!
Constance Roberson - Smyrna, Georgia
The thing I loved about her was the fact that she didn't waste my time and she was upfront and honest when I had unrealistic expectations.
Tosha Moody - Lawrenceville, Georgia
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